Soul Healing

Medium, Author and Spiritual Healer


Diana Palm is a medium, published author and spiritual healer who specializes in helping people overcome limited thinking, fears, emotional blocks and outdated belief systems so that they can achieve the life they truly desire to live.

Her clients have experienced greater abundance, divine life path purpose, authentic loving partnerships along with increased health and zest for life.

Diana blends her natural abilities as a medium and medical intuitive with her extensive training as a ThetaHealing® Instructor and Practitioner.  She has actively worked as a spiritual healer for over 20 years, blending her knowledge and expertise in working with a variety of techniques.  She offers inspired workshops, certification courses and personal one on one sessions.

Through belief and feeling work, Diana can assist you to eliminate life long patterns that have prevented you from living the life of your dreams.  She will anchor in any lessons that you learned and free you from the resulting pattern so that you can be free to live your life with more joy and adventure.  

Are you ready to make miraculous changes in your life? 

Are you willing to recognize and release the patterns that hold you back from experiencing the love and fulfillment you desire?  How could you benefit from an increased personal awareness to help you embrace making empowered decisions?  

How would it feel to wake up with a renewed sense of purpose and the energy to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself?

What would it feel like to release the patterns of self-doubt so that you can elevate yourself to the level of success that brings you the most joy?

Be prepared for some really deep personal work so that the divine aspect of yourself is ready and willing to shine!  

Be prepared to create new patterns so that you begin to live in a more meaningful way with more happiness, laughter and enjoyment.        

Each session is unique as Diana is guided to work in the most beneficial way for each client. She blends her abilities as a medical intuitive, medium, psychic and spiritual healer to bring about miraculous transformations.  Through Diana's specialized approach, you will receive "THAT SOUL HEALING FEELING!"

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***Diana works with clients around the world and is available for Private Sessions by Phone.***

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To learn more about Diana and her work with the spirit world, read Setting Spirits Free,

Clear Negative Energy & Help Ghosts Cross Over.  

Setting Spirits Free

Discover how to send noisy, energy-draining spirits into the healing light.  With this demystifying and engaging guide, you'll understand everything about the spirit world and how to clear unwanted hauntings from your life. 

Through meditation practice and simple instructions, learn how to alter your brain wave frequency in order to safely clear unwelcome energies.  Author Diana Palm recounts her own paranormal encounters, providing an up-close look at a wide range of hauntings, lost souls, loved ones in spirit, possessed vehicles and objects, spirits in disguise, demons and more.  Distinguish ghost imprints from intelligent spirits, protect yourself from spiritual attack and possession and use ThetaHealing® to put ghosts at rest.  Setting Spirits Free also features information on energy vortices, environmental causes of hauntings, paranormal investigation equipment, and tools for spirit communication.

(Click on this book to purchase from Llewellyn Worldwide)


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The Haunted Hansen House, featured in FATE Magazine Issue #726.  

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Disponible en français                                       Fate Magazine #726                                             Spiritual Anatomy                                      (Release 2017!)